‘More aggressive than usual’: VALORANT pros give first reaction to Clove’s abilities

We are just three days away from meeting the new VALORANT agent, Clove, who will be unveiled during the final day of VCT Masters Madrid. But ahead of their debut, and with the help of a few pro players, Riot Games is already starting to tease the new agent’s abilities coming to VALORANT.

Today, Riot shared the reactions to Clove’s abilities of four pro controller mains playing at Masters Madrid. Players from Sentinels, LOUD, Paper Rex and Karmine Corp have described Clove as a “different, cool” agent, one whose abilities left them clearly impressed.

A glowing butterfly wraps around a finger pointing upwards with the word "CLOVE" next to it.
Riot has been teasning the arrival of Clove for a few weeks now. Image via Riot Games

“I’m 100 percent playing that character,” said TenZ, whose anticipation to play Clove underscores even more the potential for a more aggressive approach. The Sentinels player said Clove looked like they were carrying an “orb of some sort” and has the abilities to place “an illusion.”

Tomaszy from Karmine Corp described a clip where “everyone was kinda freezed by butterflies,” implying Clove has a mesmerizing ability that could momentarily incapacitate opponents. And Paper Rex’s Mindfreak described one of Clove’s abilities to clone themselves (possibly the same ability TenZ’s “illusion” referred to), suggesting a mechanic that could mimic Yoru’s Fakeout. 

Collectively, these insights suggest Clove will bring a fresh and dynamic dimension to VALORANT, with abilities designed to surprise and challenge players in new ways. In particular, players accustomed to playing controllers might soon be dictating the pace of their games with abilities designed to facilitate bold plays. 

Clove will make their first appearance on March 24 during the showmatch ahead of the Grand Finals of the first international event of the year.

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