MSI 2024’s MVP was so sick not even an IV drip helped him

After defeating Bilibili Gaming on May 19 and lifting the Mid-Season Invitational 2024 trophy, Gen.G’s support was awarded the finals MVP, but the star had serious health issues throughout the tournament.

On May 20, a player on League’s subreddit shared a part of Lehends’s livestream, where the player revealed shocking information about his health. According to Lehends, his health was in such a serious condition during the MSI 2024 that not even IV drips helped him. 

While his health issues didn’t affect his performance on the big stage, the MVP admitted that his team faced some difficulties during practice and scrims because of it.

Gen.G holding the 2024 MSI trophy League of Legends.
The best team in the world. Photo by Colin Young via Riot Games

“I didn’t get better even after getting IV drips,” Lehends said during his livestream. “Therefore I couldn’t join any scrim from the match with Fnatic till the match with TES. I even missed all the banpick meetings. My whole team couldn’t scrim as well since I was sick from the get-go.”

Even though the reveal left the entire League of Legends community in shock, this never stopped Gen.G’s superstar from helping his team win the trophy and snatching that MVP title with his monstrous performance. With players expressing concern, many think this makes his run even more impressive.

“Lehends should be regarded as one of the goat supports in league. Especially if he wins worlds! He’s top three all time for me already,” one player said in League’s subreddit.

Lehends hasn’t shared anything about his health issues until now, and what exactly they are is unclear, but luckily he’s taking a lot of rest after the tournament, and we hope he gets better soon.

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