MTG taps into Pinfinity rewards for Bloomburrow

Pinfinity Pins are returning to Magic: The Gathering through the upcoming Standard-legal Bloomburrow set, powered by augmented reality. 

A partnership between Pinfinity and MTG began in 2021, through Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms and later through Dominaria United. Starting with the release of Bloomburrow later this summer, WPN local game stores will offer exclusive pins as rewards for players who attend Friday Night Magic events. Each kit contains six Pinfinity AR-enhanced pins and two metal Commander tokens. Players can scan a Pinifinity Pin with their phone to unlock digital features.

Bloomburrow Pinfinity Pin MTG
Score an AR pin for showing up to play Standard at your LGS. Image via WotC

The Commander format dominated Friday Night Magic events for years and a recent push from WotC has brought back the Standard format as an optional event. Pinfinity Pins are an incentive for players who gather at local game stores on Friday nights to play MTG. The AR-enhanced pins can play videos or animation, along with audio tracks and content that can be downloaded. 

Most individual Pinfinity Pins are valued at around $15, with the upcoming Bloomburrow pins estimated to have a value of around $7. Players who have a top finish at Friday Night Magic events can earn a Bloomburrow Pinfinity Pin. Local game store owners are free to give the remaining pins out to players as they choose. 

The Bloomburrow MTG Standard-legal set introduces a new plane within the Multiverse, where all inhabitants are animals, even if they’re humans on other planes. Jace the Planeswalker, for example, is a fox in Bloomburrow. Over 280 cards are included in the set. Future Standard MTG sets are slated to have Pinfinity Pins as well.

Local game store owners have two windows to order the Bloomburrow Pinfinity Pins, once during May from May 13 to 31 and a second window from June 3 to 21. Be sure to check with your WPN local game store to ensure the pins are ordered if you’re looking to grab a few when Bloomburrow is released later this year. 

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