MTG triggers nostalgia through 40 mechanics in Modern Horizons 3

Wizards of the Coast has packed the Modern Horizons 3 set with 40 returning Magic: The Gathering mechanics, ranging from Energy and Modify to Umbra Armor and Kindred. 

The MTG Modern Horizons 3 (MH3) spoiler season began on May 21, but it wasn’t the cards that stood out during previews. Previous Modern Horizons sets have included returning mechanics, keyword abilities, keyword actions, and ability words. The MH3 set, however, is the first to feature 40 of these mechanics. Most of the mechanics are well known among players and there are no rule changes.

Adapt Annihilator Affinity Afterlife
Ascend Bestow Collect Evidence Connive
Cycling Devoid Devotion Dredge
Energy Emerge Entwine Escalate
Eternalize Evoke Evolve Extort
Fabricate Flashback Kicker Kindred
Living Weapon Madness Mentor Morbid
Modify Outlast Overload Proliferate
Prototype Reconfigure Reinforce Shield Counters
Storm Support Umbra Armor Unearth
MTG Artifact creature eating waste in MH3
Prototype returns through Frogmyr Enforcer. Image via WotC

All MH3 cards are legal to play within the Modern and Eternal formats. The inclusion of 40 returning MTG mechanics doesn’t mess with Constructed play much, but it will have an impact on the Limited Modern Horizon 3 Draft. Mechanics like Cycling have been included in recent MTG sets, but newer players might not be familiar with Devotion, Energy, Eternalize, Storm, and Entwine. 

Of all the mechanics, Kindred is the one most players might not recognize. Previously called Tribal, Kindred is a name change. No rules within the mechanic formerly known as Tribal were changed for MH3

Players can dive into the 40 returning MTG mechanics through Modern Horizons 3 Prerelease events at local game stores that begin on June 7. A global launch of the MH3 set will take place on June 14. 

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