MultiVersus’ new PvE mode gets a comically in-depth reveal, teases two new characters

The free-to-play fighting game MultiVersus, featuring characters from multiple known universes, like DC and Tom and Jerry, is coming back for the full launch with an addition of a new PvE mode, and we’re finally getting more details about what this mode looks like.

Velma, Finn, Jake, and a few other characters from MultiVersus revealed in a video breakdown on May 16 what we can expect from the upcoming PvE mode—Rifts. The PvE mode offers a new way to play outside competitive PvP and is an ever-evolving space for players of all skill levels.

The game mode consists of multiple campaigns, also called Rifts, each with several Nodes. These Nodes could be a battle or a challenge where you must complete an objective, like targets. Every Node also has Mutators, active modifiers that can make the game more challenging or fun.

You can bring your friends into this PvE mode, too, and if you complete the Node, all players can get the corresponding rewards. Apart from rewards, completing a Node allows you to earn Gems that raise stats and provide special effects, like increased damage or mobility. There are three types of Gems: Attack, Defense, and Utility, with each able to be upgraded.

During the reveal, the MultiVersus character select screen teased two slots for new characters marked as “secrets,” supposedly coming with the full launch. One of the characters (displayed for a split second) is the Banana Guard from Adventure Time, who is now officially confirmed to appear in MultiVersus. While the second character is unknown, the latest Joker trailer hinted at the appearance of Powerpuff Girls in the game, so we might see them joining the roster.

There are lots of different Rifts inside the PvE game mode. From tutorial Rifts to Rifts with various mini-games, this is just the beginning of this mode, and we should see more additions to it after the game launches on May 28.

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