MW3 and Warzone leak hints at Kar98k and SPAS-12 returning

Call of Duty veterans, rejoice: A data mine revealed that the Kar98k sniper rifle and SPAS-12 could be added in a future Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone update.

Reliable CoD leaker BobNetworkUK claimed the SPAS-12 and Kar98k appeared in MW3‘s game files in a post on X today. Weapon names appearing in the game files don’t guarantee they will be added to the title, as plans could always change. But Bob has a proven track record of these data mines being accurate. Since we already know every weapon coming to MW3 and Warzone in season three, this would probably push these weapons back to season four. There isn’t currently a time on the current Battle Pass, so we don’t have an estimate for when the next season starts.

The Kar98k sniper rifle in Call of Duty.
The Kar98k is one of the most popular weapons in Warzone history. Image via Activision

The Kar98k has been part of the franchise since CoD 2 in 2005, but it truly rose to fame during Warzone Pacific. The sniper rifle could kill enemies in one shot from close or far away, and impressive mobility stats made it the best option from its class. Despite dominating before, it’s unclear if the sniper would find the same success in MW3′s iteration of Warzone. The XRK Stalker is a popular choice due to it’s lightning fast mobility, and community members expect season three’s MORS sniper rifle to be just as good as its Advanced Warfare predecessor. In saying that, if the Kar98k performs anywhere close to it’s original form, we expect it to easily take over Warzone’s meta.

Meanwhile, the SPAS-12 is also an iconic CoD weapon that dates back to the original Modern Warfare 2 in 2009. The shotgun has always had class-leading range and damage in most titles, and we expect it to be popular once again if it returns. Shotguns typically perform much better in multiplayer than in Warzone, but the SPAS-12 should be viable everywhere.

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