MW3 teases the season 4 return of iconic Warzone weapon with a toy car and one specific letter of the alphabet

A new Call of Duty care package sent to content creators seems to confirm recent leaks of the Kar98k returning in season four.

The Kar98k rifle was one of the original Warzone‘s truly dominant weapons, and leaks have pointed to its return since last month. Now, with season four less than two weeks away, Activision is using content creators to drum up hype. The contents of the care package contained a toy car with the number 98 on top of it, along with the letter K underneath a scratch-off. Car with a K, and 98. Get it? The Car-98 is for the Kar98k. It’s not very subtle or mysterious, but I guess it gets the job done.

Kestico holds up a promotional card for MW3 season 4 with a "K" in the middle.
K is for Kar. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Kestico/Twitch

Previous leaks point to the SPAS-12 shotgun also coming with season four, marking the return of another franchise favorite weapon. In the original Modern Warfare 2 in 2009, the SPAS-12 was a secondary weapon, easily equippable in place of a pistol, and it was quite strong.

The Kar98k and SPAS-12 returning marks yet another attempt to invigorate the series with nostalgia, as many look back on the original Warzone and its weapons and maps with fond memories.

Season four of MW3 hasn’t been officially announced just yet, but that confirmation is likely just days away. The season three battle pass ends in MW3 on May 28, meaning that the new season will begin shortly after.

In another data mine, leakers found that season four will also contain crossovers with Fallout, Gundam, and The Crow. None of this has been confirmed yet, and as with any information found within files, it is subject to change at anytime.

MW3’s season four is most likely set to begin in less than two weeks on May 29.

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