MW3, Warzone Ranked Play cheaters removed from leaderboards, face ‘potential further consequences’

With a new season of Call of Duty Ranked Play coming later today, Activision has said it’s cracking down on cheaters who boosted their way on the leaderboards.

Warzone specifically had many cheaters plaguing the Top 250 leaderboard for season two, but Activision says that Team RICOCHET has taken action against those who boosted their progression in Modern Warfare 3’s Ranked Play, too.

MW3 operator with a massive hand cannon
The banhammer may be coming. Image via Activision

“Ranked Play progression boosting is in violation of the Call of Duty Security and Enforcement Policy,” Activision said. “Ahead of the launch for season three, we have taken action against all detected accounts that engaged in any form of boosting behavior within our competitive environment across Ranked Play modes for Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer and Call of Duty: Warzone.”

But that’s not all. The company said that any accounts that were flagged “will undergo a reset of their account SR progression, serving as an initial measure as we investigate the severity of their misconduct for potential further consequences.”

“Additionally, we have placed a high priority on the integrity of our Ranked Play leaderboards by clearing them of the accounts in question,” Activision said. “Fostering a fair and competitive environment for all of our players remains a top priority. We will continue to monitor leaderboards with new detections to identify boosted accounts and may fully reset SR on detected boosted accounts periodically to ensure our leaderboards reflect good, fair gameplay.”

Top players and streamers like HusKerrs called on Activision to do something about the cheaters on leaderboards, saying that the company was “allowing legitimate players to get scammed out of their rewards” if it didn’t do something about the problem. Thankfully, the company is paying attention.

Ranked Play for both MW3 and Warzone are now currently down for maintenance ahead of season three, which should begin shortly at around 11am CT. Both Ranked modes should come back some time later in the day.

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