MW3 Zombies May 8 patch notes

One of the more challenging Modern Warfare 3 Zombies activities has been made a little bit easier as of the May 8 patch.

For MWZ players who want to reach the third Dark Aether Rift during this season, they must be able to attune the relics like the Laptop, the Imaginary Friend Drawing, and the Science Journal and turn them gold. With the latest patch, this still incredibly daunting challenge doesn’t feel quite as impossible anymore.

A handful of other bug fixes have been included in the latest Call of Duty patch as well. Here are the May 8 patch notes for MWZ.

MW3 Zombies May 8 patch notes

A couple of major changes to relic attunement gameplay have been made, which should facilitate easier attunement and get more players into the third Dark Aether Rift quicker:

  • All squads can now contribute Zombie kills to relic attunement.
  • The number of kills required to complete relic attunement has been reduced.
  • Resolved an issue where completing one squad’s attunement prematurely ended another’s.

One of the biggest obstacles to completing relic attunement was the arrival of another squad of players whose kills would slow down the progress of the group that’s already started their attunement. Now, if there are multiple squads completing the activity, kills from both squads will count for everyone with no more issues of one squad’s getting ended prematurely. In addition, a bug that “resulted in the final obelisk being activated earlier than intended, breaking the story sequence” has been fixed.

Also included in the May 8 patch notes for MWZ are a number of bug fixes that address the following issues:

  • Players getting stuck in the map or objects after being grabbed by a Mimic.
  • Wonder Weapons appearing as common gray items instead of gold in a Dark Aether Rift.
  • Warlord Rainmaker’s Fortress mortars incorrectly targeting players with a Sergeant’s Beret disguise.

To read the full patch notes, including the ones for MW3 multiplayer and Warzone, read them on the Call of Duty website.

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