MW3’s latest ridiculous skin is a sloth that’s higher than Snoop Dogg on a Colorado mountain

Call of Duty is taking the 4/20 holiday to new heights this year with limited-time events themed around the pot-smoking holiday. But a new operator bundle is taking the hashbrownie cake.

The “Tracer Pack: Stoney Sloth” bundle may be the best one yet in Modern Warfare 3, which has already had its fair share of fun ones, but this one really is special. Just look at this high AF sloth skin for Captain Price.

Sloth skin MW3
Ever got so high you looked like this? Screenshot by Dot Esports

For 2,400 CoD Points, you get the funny sloth skin, plus the “High Hitter” WSP Swarm blueprint and “Toke N’ Smoke” XRK Stalker blueprint, both of which come with “Blazed” Tracers and the “Ding Dong You’re Bonged Dismemberment” death effect. Yeah.

The “Leafy Greens” emblem, “Slow Rollin’” weapon sticker, “Let ‘Er Rip” weapon charm, “Slow and Unsteady” emblem, and one-hour double battle pass XP token sweetens the deal. Or, salties it, depending on what you crave most when you get the munchies.

With the 4/20 holiday around the corner, the sloth will be joined by weed legends Cheech and Chong to take part in the ongoing Blaze Up event, which has even more marijuana-centric rewards, like a trippy skin for the Wheelson killstreak that covers it in funky colors and marijuana leaves.

I bought this bundle so fast, I cannot even lie. It’s beautiful. Just look how high this dude is! Sloths are the animal kingdom embodiment of what it is to get completely ripped on 4/20 (or any day of the year), so it’s a perfect addition to CoD for players who can’t help but let everyone know how high they are with their names like Xx420xBonGxRiPzxX.

But I, too, am the sloth this time around. You can catch me next weekend on 4/20 in some Shipment 24/7 lobbies, moving slower than normal as my new favorite sloth buddy.

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