MW3’s newest most overpowered gun already banned in Ranked Play after just one day

If you didn’t get those ranked points in while you could from using the newest weapon in Modern Warfare 3, you’re out of luck because it’s already been banned.

It took around 24 hours for MW3‘s newest weapon, the JAK Requiem Aftermarket Part, to be disabled in Ranked Play. And in hindsight, it probably should’ve not been applicable to be used from the get-go if it really is as strong as everyone seems to agree that it is.

The JAK Requiem attachment works on the Kastov 762 and Kastov 545 from Modern Warfare 2, and it eliminates virtually all vertical recoil for both guns. Once unlocked, players soon found out just how powerful it is in both MW3 and Warzone play.

The Kastov weapons were already quite popular in MW2, but players have moved on to new guns since then. Now, though, many are going back into the Gunsmith in droves to use the new Aftermarket Part to laser their opponents online.

Activision did not specify why the weapon was disabled, but since it did not mention a bug or an issue with the weapon, that likely means it was simply too strong for the balancing that has been put forth within Ranked Play itself.

The attachment is easily accessible, too, meaning that players only need to complete a few challenges to get it. And then it’s simply added on to a gun that many already have all the attachments and levels unlocked for, which equates to a lot of people using the guns and finding out they’re very powerful once again.

Thankfully for CoD gamers, the JAK Requiem is still available to use in regular multiplayer matches, so if you like powerful assault rifles that don’t move when you hold down the trigger, then you should unlock it for yourself and wreak havoc in your public games.

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