New Fable trailer features a familiar voice and 2025 release window

It’s been a long time coming but Playground Games has finally lifted the lid on the reboot to the beloved Fable franchise—and we know now how much longer we need to wait to dive back into the world of Albion.

Ever since a brief cinematic shown at last year’s Summer Game Fest, fans have been desperate for more news on Fable, and the 2024 edition of Summer Game Fest gave us some of the answers we’ve been crying out for—with a familiar voice sharing the details.

The big news is that Fable will drop in 2025, meaning we’ll have to wait a little while longer before our adventure can begin, but fans on social media picked up on a surprise cameo.

It certainly seemed that they were onto something, with the voice appearing to be none other than Simon “Super Hans” from Peep Show, portrayed by Matt King—which would make him the second beloved brit to feature in Fable‘s promotional campaign, following Richard Ayoade in 2023.

Both could well be in the game, with Matt King’s character shown in the trailer and Ayoade appearing as a gardening-loving giant in the 2023 teaser, which would leave Fable with a stacked cast of talent.

In the trailer, we also saw familiar features that long-term Fable players have become accustomed too, including the ability to have fans who celebrate your achievements, as well as haters who are looking to pull you down.

Fable will land on Xbox Series X|S and PC in 2025 and will be available day one for those with an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

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