New Monopoly Sleek Slam rewards and milestones explained (July 11 to 12)

A returning event called Sleek Slam drops into Monopoly GO for 24 hours, featuring Ice Cream tokens for the Partners event, Dice, Stickers, and more. Within this article, I’ve broken down the milestone rewards so you can track where you are on the milestone list while playing. I’ve also included tips I use to maximize rewards.

Full list of Sleek Slam rewards and milestones in Monopoly GO

Here’s every reward across the 30 milestones within the Monopoly GO Sleek Slam event.

Sleek Slam milestones Points to unlock milestones Sleek Slam rewards
ONe 45 120 Ice Cream tokens
Two 55 50 Dice rolls
Three 80 Green Sticker pack
Four 90 140 Ice Cream tokens
Five 120 90 Dice rolls
Six 150 High Roller for five minutes
Seven 140 160 Ice Cream tokens
Eight 200 Orange Sticker pack
Nine 250 180 Ice Cream tokens
10 230 Pink Sticker pack
11 260 Cash
12 275 180 Ice Cream tokens
13 300 Blue Sticker pack
14 400 Cash
15 400 250 Dice rolls
16 450 280 Ice Cream tokens
17 500 Mega Heist for 25 minutes
18 600 Cash
19 700 400 Dce rolls
20 800 Blue Sticker pack
21 900 400 Ice Cream tokens
22 1,000 Cash
23 1,200 650 Dice rolls
24 1,300 Cash
25 1,800 Blue Sticker pack
26 2,000 1,100 Dice rolls
27 1,500 Cash Boost for 10 minutes
28 2,500 500 Ice Cream tokens
29 2,600 Cash
30 3,200 1,700 Dice rolls

What’s different about Monopoly GO Sleek Slam rewards from July 11 to 12?

Unlike the previous version of Sleek Slam in Monopoly GO, Bank Heist points are not doubled. This variation is a standard 30-milestone tournament supporting the Ice Cream Partners main event. The Tournament offers an extra Blue Sticker pack over normal one-day events, with the first appearing at milestone 20.

Tips to getting the most Monopoly GO Sleek Slam rewards

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Use foree-to-play tools to improve rewards earned. Image via Scopely

The best way to get more milestone points is through timed events like Mega Heist and High Roller. Both are offered as rewards in Sleek Slam at milestones six and 17. There is also a Mega Heist milestone reward within the Vacation Voyage Solo event.

I like to roll my dice at a consistent multiplier unless a High Roller timed event is active. This allows me to get the most milestone points from the Solo and Tournament events while picking up more Ice Cream tokens off the Monopoly GO board.

Take advantage of the daily Monopoly GO events to gain extra Dice or Stickers to unlock sets. A Wheel Boost on July 11 can add to your Dice roll inventory and help you farm Stickers. There’s also a Lucky Chance event running too.

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