No faith: Copenhagen CS2 Major champs given next-to-no chance to win by community

Over the weekend, esports fans witnessed the conclusion of the first CS2 Valve-sponsored event, with Natus Vincere coming out on top at PGL Copenhagen Major. But, as it turns out, only a small percentage of fans predicted the team to win the trophy.

CS2 fans can participate in Pick’Ems through the game. But there’s an online version of Pick’Em at Thousands of fans played Pick’Em through this version, but only 1.35 percent predicted NAVI to win PGL Cophenhagen.

NAVI were picked to reach the semifinals by 40 percent of fans, while only seven percent of Pick’Ems predicted the squad to reach the finals.

Aleksib celebrating winning a match at the PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major.
Little had faith in Aleksib’s crew. Photo by Stephanie Lindgren via PGL

Team Spirit were the heavy favorite to win the event, with more than 70 percent of fans rallying behind them. MOUZ finished second place with 14.78 percent, while more than 70 percent predicted them to reach the final. The eventual finalist, FaZe Clan, were picked by 4.43 percent of fans to win the tournament and 5.83 percent to make the final.

While these aren’t stats pulled from CS2’s official Pick’Em, they paint a fair picture of the community’s feelings ahead of the playoffs. Team Spirit and MOUZ were the heavy favorites to make the final. The former won IEM Katowice 2024 in February and had a lot of hype around them. FaZe and NAVI, on the other hand, barely made the playoffs, with both teams forced to compete in the 2-2 bracket of the Elimination Stage.

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