No mistakes, snap decisions: Fans say this pro is the ‘perfect’ VALORANT player

They say nobody’s perfect, but a lot of VALORANT fans agree one professional player is as close as it gets to perfection. His name is Jason Susanto, a.k.a f0rsakeN.

With Paper Rex already securing their spot in the VCT Pacific Stage One Finals as well as VALORANT Masters Shanghai, the team is one of the best in the world right now. Consisting of d4v41, f0rsakeN, mindfreak, something, and Jinggg, PRX is known for their aggressive yet consistent playstyle. Some may even argue they have the most consistent and “perfect” player in VALORANT—their IGL, f0rsakeN.

Jason "f0rsakeN" Susanto leaning back in his chair during a VCT event.
He does it all. Image via Paper Rex

In a May 7 Reddit thread, VCT fans discussed which pros they felt were “perfect” based on consistency and good decision-making. While top-tier players like Fnatic’s Leo, NRG’s Ethan, and Leviatán’s aspas were mentioned, an overwhelming majority agreed f0rsakeN fits the criteria best in addition to being super well-rounded.

Indeed, f0rsakeN is truly one of a kind as a pro who can do it all—top frag, shot call, and fill just about any role on the team. As one fan pointed out, he has a freakishly large agent pool, playing nine different agents in the past 60 days, according to That covers most initiators and at least one agent from each category—one day he’s on KAY/O; the next, he’s on Cypher or Harbor. He was even voted the Pacific’s best sentinel player last year and one of the overall best in the entire region. So yeah, f0rsakeN is a pretty great flex player.

This season, he also stepped up and filled the role as Paper Rex’s IGL, proving coach alecks and the rest of the team trust in f0rsakeN’s ability to play smart and make gaming-winning decisions. It seems to be paying off, considering his team has been looking sharp all season, even while Jinggg was out for military service. “After everything that’s happened this year [I] think [f0rsakeN] has cemented himself to be the true answer. I can’t remember the last time Paper Rex looked rough, or when [f0rsakeN] had a rough series,” one fan said. “He has CONSISTENTLY been in these discussions for a long time now and I think that speaks a lot.”

The next time top star f0rsakeN and his team Paper Rex play on the VALORANT pro circuit will be on May 12 for the VCT Pacific Stage One grand finals.

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