Obsidian seemingly leaks upcoming RPG Avowed’s release date

The upcoming first-person RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment, Avowed, has seemingly had its release date leaked by none other than Obsidian itself. After showcasing the game at the Xbox Games Showcase yesterday, the studio didn’t announce a release date but apparently leaked it in a follow-up blog post.

The post appeared on Obsidian’s website and blog before being altered. It seemingly confirmed Avowed’s release date as Nov. 12, according to screenshots of the blog taken by Twitter/X user HazzadorGamin on June 10. Avowed recently had its story trailer feature as part of the massive Xbox Games Showcase, which did imply that the game would be launching later this year. But there was no precise date set during the showcase, and it appears the developers initially wanted to include one but changed their minds for whatever reason. The post is still up but, like the showcase, features no concrete release date.

A character using flames in Avowed.
Avowed will be a first-person RPG akin to those made by Bethesda. Image via Obsidian

Avowed has been in the works over the past few years at Obsidian Entertainment and is set within its Pillars of Eternity universe. The game will be a single-player first-person RPG and feature a “classless” system similar to what RPGs created by Bethesda have. Players will have the ability to level up multiple skill trees and tailor a “class” to their needs and wants after picking an initial “archetype” to get things started.

Though the game’s story and gameplay trailer was brief, we got a sneak peek at its combat system, the world filled with plagues, battlegrounds, and wild dreamscapes, as well as lots of platforming. By the looks of it, Avowed might be the spiritual successor to the Elder Scrolls franchise that has seemingly been stuck in limbo for several years, seeing as the Elder Scrolls 6 trailer launched over six years ago.

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