Once Human July 11 update and patch notes—Big performance improvements & servers issues fixed

The updates are coming thick and fast for Once Human, and developer Starry Studio has announced an update for July 11 featuring an array of changes—and we have the patch notes.

Once Human enjoyed a successful beta spell, and its full release has also been successful. It has a bunch of fun missions from Lost in Madness to Hale’s Moving House, and it’s all designed to keep players ticking over until the inevitable server wipe.

Speaking of which, servers are a focal point of the Once Human July 11 update, and we have everything you need to know about the changes.

All changes in Once Human July 11 update

Once Human cutscene
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Super sturdy servers

Once Human‘s servers are given a spot at the front of the update’s key points, and the developer explains it has made changes related to “multiple characters under a single account,” made improvements to Featured servers to increase their connection and efficiency, and fixed an issue where servers would show incorrect server status information related to connection—giving you a better understanding of any server lag.

Improved performance

There has been a big emphasis on optimizing Once Human wherever possible. Starry Studio says it has “Optimized some crash and lag issues,” and improved client engine frame rates. Additionally, playing Once Human in High Performance mode is more stable and allows for a greater “number of enemies and players can be shown in High Performance.

Gameplay & story fixes

Some of the survival title’s more finicky bugs have been rectified with the July 11 update, with fixes making it so you can “change weapons using the mouse wheel after executing an enemy with a melee weapon.” On top of this, you should have no issues planting in the Wilderness and Eternaland, Telekinetic items and use are more efficient, and the experience of driving has had a mini-overhaul to improve it.

You can see all these tweaks and more with the complete Once Human July 11 patch notes detailing every change.

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