Once Human Lost in Madness quest guide: How to find the Cultist Treasure

Lost in Madness presents a unique treasure hunt opportunity in Once Human. Finding the map is one thing, but finding the Cultist’s Treasure presents challenges.

While the Lost in Madness quest is listed as a level seven quest, this is very deceiving as it’s hardly one that a low-level Once Human player can complete. It does take some detective work to narrow down where you need to go to track down the Cultist Treasure, and you need to find a specific map to start it. Even though you know where to go to complete this quest, make sure you’re starting it and grabbing the Cultist Treasure map.

How to start the Lost in Madness quest

To start the Lost in Madness quest, you’ll need to pick up the Cultist Treasure map. The Cultist Treasure map is located inside the BN Store at the Coastside Plaza settlement in Dayton Wetlands, the starting area of Once Human.

Once Human Cultist Treasure map location.
Go shopping. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Travel to Coastside Plaza, then look for the store on the east side of the main road that says BN Store. Inside, you’ll need to first defeat and destroy an enemy spawner. Once that’s complete, go to the ominous-looking ritual circle in the corner and interact with the red candle. After a brief trippy visual happens, a Cultist’s Treasure crate will appear next to you, with the Cultist Treasure map inside.

How to find the Cultist Treasure

Once you have the Cultist Treasure map, you can deduce for yourself where the Cultist’s Treasure is located. We can help narrow down your search. Thankfully for gamers, it’s not too far away from your current position, and you don’t have to travel incredibly far.

Once Human Cultist Treasure location.
This will look clearer in the future. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Cultist’s Treasure is located in Chalk Peak, the territory to your west, at the Believers Colony settlement that’s to the west of the Tall Grass Inn marker on your map. But there’s a major issue that will delay your quest for the treasure: Chalk Peak is a level 32+ area surrounded by a barrier that instantly kills players and that region of the map is currently locked as of the Steam Next Fest demo.

Once the full game opens up, you’ll be able to complete the task that players like myself were able to do during the closed beta tests. You must clear out the cultists at Believers Colony and interact with four Lucky Cat statues. By offering each Lucky Cat a gift, you’ll receive a treasure fragment key, and combining all four will allow you to open the Cultist’s Treasure crate at the colony, completing the task.

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