Once Human player count – How many are playing Once Human?

Open-world survival game Once Human has finally launched PC and despite its mixed reviews is already enjoying a healthy heaping of success when it comes to everyone filling up its post-apocalyptic servers.

With many gameplay aspects relying on other players, you may want to find out how many people are playing Once Human before diving in.

Once Human: How many are playing?

once human stats on steam
It’s not doing too badly. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Valve

On Steam, more than 81,000 players are currently immersed in the Once Human word, which isn’t too bad considering it launched on Tuesday, July 9.

From the early data provided by SteamDB, we can see Once Human launched with decent numbers. Right off the bat, 30,755 gamers dove straight in when servers went live, with that count then steadily rising over the evening. Once Human is also available on the Epic Games Store (and mobile devices soon too) where stats aren’t publicly shared, meaning the overall playerbase actually ranks higher than Steam’s numbers.

The stats that are made public will only rise in comings days too as more and more people try Once Human, especially over the weekend when more gamers have free time to test their hand in the free to play survival game.

Is Once Human’s player count good?

Compared to similar open-world survival titles like Rust, Once Human’s player count is holding its own. Rust averages 127,000 players a day and for a new title like Once Human to already have two-thirds of Rust’s player count is impressive. Whether Once Human has the longevity and retains a steady player base like Rust remains to be seen.

If Once Human doesn’t receive significant improvements, it may continue to have mixed or negative ratings on Steam, which isn’t a good sign and won’t lure in new players.

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