One of CoD MW3’s forgotten game modes loses more content—and players want to know why

Gunfight, a multiplayer mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, has garnered a significant fan base over the years and has been cherished since its introduction. However, the mode’s popularity hasn’t translated into regular content updates, leading to player dissatisfaction.

Added to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in Season 1 and first launched in 2019’s Modern Warfare, Gunfight has become a fan favorite. It sees two teams of two face off against each other with rotating loadouts and maps.

However, it hasn’t received any proper support since its launch in December. In a recent Reddit thread highlighting the lack of content the mode has received, several players voiced their grievances about the features they believe should be in the game. This includes the lack of a tournament mode, which Gunfight previously had in the last installment, plus the lack of new maps and loadout updates.

Promotional image for the Gunfight mode in Modern Warfare 3.
Gunfight is a highly beloved mode. Image via Activision

Gunfight also featured a map called Das Haus in the past, but it was removed in the current season, sparking questions and debates among the community. Some players speculated that the map was either too large for the mode or encouraged excessive camping, leading to its removal.

“Can we please just add some MW19 or MWII maps? There are plenty of good maps which are easy to add. Why did they even remove Das Haus from rotation? It was pretty much the only 6v6 map added to a gunfight which plays sort of well in gunfight, and can we finally get a loadout change after 3 months?” a player asked.

“Them removing Das Haus shows they at least put some thought into Gunfight this season. So it begs the question of if they’re genuinely trying to get us to not play the game mode anymore. But like, why? You have like 20+ maps already made to choose from you can just port over to Gunfight,” said another player in the thread.

With no comment from Activision, waiting for Season 4 is the best thing Gunfight enthusiasts can do for now.

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