One of WoW’s most iconic and controversial store mounts is now available in the Trading Post

A new month is here, which means the World of Warcraft Trading Post has rolled over its inventory to include countless new items. Among them is one of the most recognizable yet once-controversial mounts ever added to the game: the Dreadwake. 

The Dreadwake, which is a flying pirate ship mount, is often viewed as a controversial mount in WoW’s history due to the wide-sweeping belief that it’s one of the better, more visually appealing mounts in the game’s history but was reserved for players who were willing to dive through a paywall when it was first released back in 2019. The Dreadwake originally was attached to a six-month subscription deal, meaning you’d have to pay upwards of $75 to get it as a bonus reward when purchasing half a year of game time. 

A WoW screenshot of the Dreadwake featured inside the Trading Post inventory for April 2024
The Dreadwake is finally available to WoW players without a real price tag attached. Screenshot by Dot Esports

When the mount first hit the in-game store, players felt disappointed that mounts this good weren’t just in the game to begin with, and instead, had a price point attached to them. When the mount came to the Blizzard store as a standalone item later that same year, many players had a similar response

The mount was removed from the store after the brief subscription promotion that it was attached to ended, and ever since it made its debut, it’s been only available to earn by opening your wallet. Now, players who missed out on that promotion (or didn’t want to spend the $75 to get the mount) can purchase the Dreadwake in the Trading Post for 800 Trader’s Tender. 

Although the Dreadwake still technically has a price point attached to it, there’s no need to spend any real money this time around if you want to add it to your mount collection—you can simply grind for it through in-game activities. The Dreadwake will be available to purchase in the Trading Post for 800 Trader’s Tender until April 30.

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