Overwatch 2 x Transformers event: All challenges and rewards

More than meets the eye. Robots in disguise. The world could always use more heroes.

Overwatch 2 and Transformers have come together for a fantastic collaboration, dressing up OW2 heroes as famous characters from the 1980s cartoon and action figure line—and it may be the game’s best collab yet.

The collab includes four legendary skins for Reinhardt, Bastion, Illari, and Ramattra, but there are also some limited-time challenges for players to complete to unlock some extra Transformers-themed rewards. But hurry up, because the event begins on July 9 and ends on July 23.

Here are all of the challenges and rewards to be unlocked as part of the OW2 x Transformers collab.

All challenges and rewards in Overwatch Transformers

Bumblebee Bastion
Roll out! Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Fortunately for gamers, the challenges in OW2 x Transformers are all easy to complete: They only require playing games of OW2. The challenges will take longer depending on how many games you win or lose, but it’s all there for the taking for free.

OW2 x Transformers challenges and rewards
There are six total challenges. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Prime Time

  • Complete 20 games. Wins grant double progress.
    • Reward: 5,000 Battle Pass XP, Autobots player icon

High Flier

  • Complete 40 games. Wins grant double progress.
    • Reward: 5,000 Battle Pass XP, Decepticons player icon


  • Complete 60 games. Wins grant double progress.
    • Reward: Transformers -Autobots name card

Power Hungry!

  • Complete 80 games. Wins grant double progress.
    • Reward: Transformers – Decepticons name card

Till All Are One

  • Complete 100 games. Wins grant double progress.
    • Reward: “Heroic Autobot” player title

Cybertronian Legend

  • Complete 120 games. Wins grant double progress.
    • Reward: “Decepticon Gladiator” player title
Optimus Prime Reinhardt
A beautiful crossover. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Unfortunately for OW2 gamers, the Legendary Transformers skins can’t be earned by playing the game. They must instead be purchased in the shop as part of bundles. They’re priced at 2,500 OW Coins for individual hero bundles and 5,900 OW Coins for the Transformers Mega Bundle that includes all the skins and cosmetics.

In addition to the skins, there are also highlight intros for Bastion, Reinhardt, and Ramattra, victory poses, name cards, voice lines, and player icons for all four heroes, and a spray for Ramattra.

Either way, this collab will be difficult to top. All four skins are expertly made, but Reinhardt is easily the best out of the four. Both his character’s model and attitude fit Optimus Prime perfectly, while will likely make it a hot commodity while it’s in the store.

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