‘Pay-to-win’ Mystbloom skin exploit lets VALORANT players wallhack

While Riot Games may have tried its best to keep the controversial pay-to-win system out of VALORANT, an unintended feature of the latest Mystbloom skin collection is apparently giving players the ability to see enemies through walls.

As pointed out in several VALORANT clips shared by the community early on May 2, if you spectate the Mystbloom Sheriff or Operator weapons while aiming at an enemy standing on the other side of a barrier and move it at a certain angle, you can actually see a strong colored silhouette of the enemy through the wall.

Player spectating Mystbloom Operator in Lotus' A Tree in VALORANT
Free wall hacks, anyone? Screenshot by Dot Esports

Unspurisningly, players have immediately dubbed the Mystbloom collection to be pay-to-win, even though the Riot developers have always assured fans that VALORANT is never going to (intentionally) host any skins with competitive advantage.

Maybe the best upside here is that replicating the bug in a competitive situation isn’t easy, so farming its advantage is harder than you think. You can, however, use it to wall bang enemies standing very close to a wall, which is a broken advantage to have when you are holding certain spots (e.g. Lotus’ A Tree). Moreover, there’s a high chance your account might be flagged and reported if you use the exploit to win fights.

Of course, the bug will be patched soon—Preeti Khanolkar, the lead producer for cosmetic contents in VALORANT, announced nearly immediately after popular streaming creator Average Jonas shared a clip with the community.

That said, looking at how the Mystbloom silhouette pops out looking all pretty and perfect, it seems like the Riot devs could have made a great feature out of it. Of course, not like the wall hack it is now. But, for example, I’d love an effect that let me view a silhouette of the collection’s marvelous finisher through the walls—as long as it wasn’t an accidental hack.

Despite its broken feature, the Mystbloom skin collection is still available in VALORANT’s store, so you can get the bundle or use the skins you bought anyway.

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