Phreak sparks debate around LoL laners’ lack of ‘appreciation for what jungling takes’ 

Over the last decade, League of Legends has faced the perpetual argument around which role is the most difficult in the game, with no end in sight. Now, one of the game’s developers added a new wrinkle to the debate.

In a recent Patch 14.7 preview, game developer and former caster Phreak caused another debate in the community by saying that one of the biggest points of tension in the game can be found between junglers and the rest of their team, and that laners “don’t have any appreciation for what jungling actually takes.”

On the official League subreddit, players from all types of roles chimed in with their opinions, stating that while many laners might not fully understand junglers, the same can be said for junglers when it comes to laning. It is equally problematic when a jungler expects their laners to follow up on every play they make as it is when laners expect more ganks whenever they want since both sides aren’t taking into consideration their teammate’s own game state.

For example, when a jungler is invading the enemy’s side of the map and runs into the opposing team, their laners are not always able to leave their lane to help them. Whether they are in a skirmish of their own or they need to manage their own waves to avoid falling behind, there are multiple instances where laners need to focus on their own play rather than jumping to help their jungler.

Vayne scouting the battlefield with Sylas next to her.
Understand the game completely before you complain about it. Image via Riot Games

“A lot of junglers seem to not even understand how big of a deal losing out on CS is,” one user said. “They’ll kill themselves to secure a gromp, then question why a laner doesn’t want to sack a wave to help them. If we back you up or follow up, we lose creeps. Sometimes, the loss is worth it, sometimes it’s not.”

On the other hand, some laners will ask for ganks from their junglers without realizing that, in some instances, they are also fighting to stay ahead against their opposing jungler. From stealing camps to prevent the other team from leveling up, taking neutral objectives, or focusing on a more successful lane, there are also many other reasons why a jungler will need to shift their focus.

Ultimately, both laners and junglers need to be a lot more aware of the game state for their entire team, before complaining about the inaction of their teammates. Once they’ve determined that a situation calls for more help, then that’s when the team chat can be activated.

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