Pokémon Generation 10 games to be revealed in 2026, according to leaker

The 10th Generation of Pokémon games could be revealed during Pokémon’s 30th anniversary, according to a well-known leaker Khu.

On May 15, Khu dropped a teaser on Twitter (formerly known as X) that reads: “Have you prepared for gen10? 30thA.” This seems to be a cryptic tease about the 30th anniversary, which takes place in 2026, having something to do with the Generation 10 games.

Outside of a potential date, Khu provided no other details on Generation 10 or what the games could be about.

In addition to this tease, Khu provided potential details about the release date of Pokémon Z-A. The prominent leaker claimed that the game won’t be out “too early next year,” pointing to a potential release date at the end of 2025.

If this is right, it begs the question of whether the game will be on Switch or Switch 2. Could we see a multi-platform release of the next Legends game? Or will it stick with a Switch release, pending any potential backward compatibility with the new system?

Obviously, this is just a leak from an unofficial source, and even if it has a shred of legitimacy or truth, the potential reveals are so far in the future that anything could change between now and then, or potential plans can change.

Still, a look at the next generation of Pokémon games on the next generation of Nintendo hardware on the 30th anniversary of the series seems to be the perfect time to showcase the future of Pokémon.

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