Pokémon Go could get item sharing and extra Zygarde Cells, according to datamine

Any trainer reading about the recent Pokémon Go datamine would be forgiven for taking a second look, because it could potentially include huge changes that are worth getting excited for.

From the recent datamine first reported by PokémonGoHub, two major changes stand out the most. Firstly, it looks like Zygarde Cells from routes are increasing from one Cell to three. Secondly, the datamine seems to tease item sharing between trainers, so finally, trainers will be able to trade evolution stones and more.

First, let’s discuss the potential route changes. This update would see three Zygarde Cells spawning on Routes, instead of the one we currently get. This would be a huge QoL update to Routes as a whole, especially for those looking to get all the Zygarde forms ahead of a potential Shiny Zygarde being added in the future. Routes also seem to be getting quests and new badges, but the datamined info pales in comparison to the Zygarde Cell updates.

The proposed item-sharing update—the only thing we know about which is from the datamine—is tied to the Party Play system in Pokémon Go. Apparently, there’s a button during Party Play that will let you share items, but most of the information about how it’ll work is currently unknown, other than that there’ll be some kind of limit to what you can trade.

As with usual datamines, we need to establish that none of what we are seeing is factual and guaranteed to come to the game at all. Things change, and nothing is confined until Niantic reveals the details of these proposed changes. If they are true, these would be two massive additions that’d be welcomed by a lot of the community.

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