Pokémon Go players avoid this research questline at all costs

Pokemon Go has dozens of research questlines for trainers to complete, but a few feel like they’re impossible or not worth doing because of how grindy they are. This begs the question: Out of all the questlines available, which is the worst one of all, and which one do players avoid most? Now, it seems like we have the answer.

Everyone on Reddit seems to agree the one research task not worth doing is the Welcome Party questline. You can only complete it through the Party feature in Pokémon Go, and you have to team up with friends to complete challenges that take way too long, so it’s a bit of a grind.

Most of the problems with the research task stem from Party Challenges, which are random challenges, like catching a certain number of Pokémon while in Party Play. Party Play only lasts an hour, and you have to recreate your Party to take on new challenges. This results in some trainers grinding for hours to complete one or two Party Challenges at a time.

I must admit, I’m one of those players who completely avoids this research task. I try to finish every task as soon I get it, purely out of habit, but this one has been gathering dust for far too long. I just don’t have the motivation to finish it.

Maybe if Niantic makes drastic changes to the Party system or makes quests easier, I might feel inclined to eventually finish it, but the time investment coupled with the poor rewards (a few shirts and basic encounters) really isn’t a good incentive.

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