Pokemon Go players really want Niantic to spice up the game’s bland content lineup

Boring, lack of interest, dull, and burnout aren’t the comments you want to hear regarding game development, but they are all currently being used to describe Pokémon Go by players.

Over the weekend, parts of the community voiced their concerns over a lack of interest in the mobile Pokémon game, pointing towards a lul of activity in their local areas for various reasons.

One of the most common complaints is related to the events, with many trainers saying the content is either not interesting or downright bad.

“I’m an admin of a local community, and this is the least activity we’ve seen in some years,” one player wrote on Reddit. “Since heracross raid day the events have been pretty lackluster. Bellsprout community day was probably one of the worst in years and bounsweet isn’t very exciting either.”

Others pointed out more pressing issues, however, such as the stagnation of the game and the abundance of paid tickets and monetization to try and squeeze as much money out of players as possible. The list of issues goes on and on, but it seems to always combine into the same thought: Niantic doesn’t care about its community.

The past year has felt very draining for players. Yes, the Pokémon Go community complains about anything, but it feels like the game is becoming tiring. It feels as though Niantic has stopped caring about what people think and is just pushing on with its own goals and ideas. At this point, it feels like the game is surviving just because it’s a Pokémon game. Such is the strength of the brand.

We worry about Pokémon Go’s future. It seems like many players have lost interest in the game—and that’s just sad to see. We want to see it succeed, and the community is so passionate about the game because they want to enjoy it and are worried about its future.

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