Pokémon Go trainers hope Niantic fix Bounsweet bug ahead of its Community Day

Ahead of Pokémon Go’s May 19 Community Day, players are worried the longstanding Bounsweet bug won’t be fixed in time. If it isn’t, there’ll be lots of failed catches and frustrated fans.

For those unaware, Bounsweet has had an issue for a while where if you throw a Pokéball perfectly in the middle to try and get an Excellent throw, instead of hitting the Pokémon, you miss the target entirely and hit the ground instead. As you can imagine, this bug isn’t great for those trying to take advantage of specific event bonuses, like the increased XP amount per catch.

You can still get excellent throws with Bounsweet if you throw the Pokéball at a specific sweet spot, but it feels too difficult due to the bug. Bounsweet isn’t the only Pokémon to suffer from this problem, but as it’s the main star of Community Day on May 19, when its shiny form makes its debut, trainers won’t be thrilled if most of their catches end up being duds due to something out of their control.

Fans are desperately hoping the issue will be fixed in time for Community Day, as “they [Niantic] did [it] for Rhyhorn.” As one trainer pointed out on Reddit, “In the early days, Rhyhorn spawned very far from the camera, and even hitting it was a bit of a challenge for inexperienced players. From its Community Day onward, it was moved to the much closer position we see today.”

So, it’s not impossible, but don’t get your hopes up. If it gets fixed, great; trainers everywhere will have to deal with one less annoying thing. But if it doesn’t get fixed, it isn’t the end of the world. You can still catch Bounsweet via Nice or Great throws instead.

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