Pokémon Go’s Ferroseed Incense Day is stacked with good encounters and Shiny odds

Smaller events in Pokémon Go can be hit or miss, but Incense Days tend to hit differently. Incense Day: Ferroseed is one of those events that punch up a weight class by loading up with solid encounters and boosted Shiny odds for its featured species.

Running from 11am to 5pm local time on May 26, Incense Day: Ferrothorn will be the final Pokémon Go mini-event of the month and will also mark one of the last things happening before we enter the Go Fest 2024 season.

Ferroseed next to a Pokemon Go Incense.
Watch out for sharp edges. Image via Niantic

Ferroseed is the main focus, with the competitive staple appearing more frequently when players use Incense during the event. You will also have an increased chance of encountering a Shiny Ferroseed. But there are other encounters featured here too, though they will only appear at specific times when Incense is active.

To keep on-theme with Ferroseed, which is a Grass/Steel-type Pokémon, two different pools of other Incense encounters will also be available on a rotating schedule throughout the event. Here’s a full list of those encounters, not including Ferroseed, and noting with asterisk (*) if the Pokémon can be found as a Shiny:

Grass-type Incense Spawns: 
11am to 12pm local time
1pm to 2pm local time
3pm to 4pm local time
Hisuian Voltorb*
Steel-type Incense Spawns: 
12pm to 1pm local time
2pm to 3pm local time
4pm to 5pm local time
Galarian Meowth*

“I dig it! I like the selection of Pokémon. Some rarer ones/newer shinies, not just a bunch of old/Kanto Pokémon,” Pokémon player kirspyboiz said. “Also a good opportunity to get some XL for certain ones. Plus some boosted dust Pokémon in each too.”

For the duration, themed Field Research will be available alongside a PokéCoin item bundle in the shop and an event bonus that makes Daily Adventure Incense last twice as long.

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