Pokémon NAIC Scarlet and Violet sees ‘wide meta’—as predicted by Wolfe Glick

The Pokémon North America International Championship (NAIC) is underway and day-one usage stats show a very diverse Scarlet and Violet meta—something Wolfe Glick predicted months ago.

Play! Pokémon has released the top most-used Pokémon for day one of NAIC, and there’s a lot to unpack on the VGC side. Looking at the top non-restricted ‘mons, Incineroar once again leads the charge at 43.51 percent, with Urshifu and Rillaboom not too far behind. These top three make up the very dominant Fire/Water/Grass core, although we also have alternative options in Whimsicott, Amoonguss, Chi-Yu, and Pelipper all in the top 12. With Miraidon flying around with Electric Terrain, Electric-type ‘mons like Raging Bolt and Iron Hands are seeing a lot of usage as well.

Top Pokémon at NAIC day one
Incineroar is at the top again. Screenshot via The Official Pokémon YouTube channel

When it comes to the restricted Legendary Pokémon, it’s a mix of vastly different options. There’s no single restricted ‘mon that’s far above the rest. The top four, for example, range from 13 to 16 percent usage. This includes Calyrex Ice Rider, Miraidon, Calyrex Shadow Rider, and Terapagos. Koraidon, Kyogre, Zamazenta, and Zacian aren’t too far behind, either.

Top restricted Pokémon at NAIC day one
Any of these Legendary Pokémon could win the event. Screenshot via The Official Pokémon YouTube channel

Indeed, we’re seeing a wide meta at NAIC, and any restricted Legendary Pokémon has a shot to take the crown. I love an underdog story, so I’m rooting for Zamazenta or Zacian who are sitting at 8.62 and 3.93 percent usage, respectively. As a Scarlet player, I wouldn’t be mad if Koraidon won, either.

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