Police missions, bounty hunting coming to GTA Online

Rockstar Games has unveiled a major update for GTA Online coming later in June, introducing long-awaited police missions and bounty-hunting features, transforming the virtual cityscape of Los Santos into a dynamic playground for law enforcement and thrill-seekers alike.

In this groundbreaking update, players can now step into the shoes of Los Santos’ finest, taking on various police missions that range from routine patrols to high-stakes SWAT operations. The update introduces a fresh perspective to the chaotic world of GTA Online, allowing players to uphold the law rather than break it. 

In a blog post on the Rockstar website, the developer quoted Sandy Shores resident Maude Eccles, who remarked “this world is full of scum and detritus,” and said it’s time “we all bear our share.”

An image of the Progen Itali GB supercar from GTA Online
A lot to unravel. Image via Rockstar Games

“This summer, it’s time for some (high-value) target practice to clean up the roving reprobates of Southern San Andreas,” the blog reads, announcing the arrival of “your very own bail enforcement and bounty hunting business” in the game’s upcoming major update, along with new tools and props to create custom, high-octane Drift and Drag Races in the Creator, and much more later this month.

The specifics of how it will work remain unclear, but with GTA 6 slated for a Fall 2025 release, players are eagerly embracing anything Rockstar offers. Many comments on the official announcement post on X suggest it’s related to the scrapped Cops and Crooks DLC from 2017.

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