Retakes may soon return to CS2, according to dataminers

Counter-Strike 2 recently had its first significant update since the Copenhagen Major, adding cl_righthand 0 and bringing Dust 2 back to the map pool. However, it seems Valve is also quietly preparing for the return of Retakes: Dataminers have shown numerous files regarding the missing mode, indicating it’s nearly ready for launch.

Well-known CS2 leaker ThourCS2 shared his findings on Saturday, April 27, claiming that there have been lots of Retake-related files added to the game with its last update. Retake versions of all the maps can be clearly found, as well as numerous lines of code. “The game mode’s config, map spawn files, and required UI stuff are already in the game,” ThourCS2 wrote. He theorized that Valve may be working on recreating the game mode’s code in TypeScript “as they recently did with Wingman, Armsrace, and Deathmatch.”

Nuke on CS2 with a player holding an AK-47
Retakes are played on a single bomb site. Image via Valve

Retake is one of the numerous game modes that were previously present in CS:GO but are missing entirely from the new edition of Valve’s flagship shooter. The company already brought back Arms Race to the delight of many, though it still faced criticism for only containing two, though fully remade, maps. If Retake is to make a return, it will mark the second ex-CS:GO game mode being brought back, with several still missing, including the battle royale Danger Zone mode.

CS2‘s recent major update also brought back the left-handed viewmodel, which functions similarly to how it did in CS:GO. The update significantly changed Inferno’s design and removed some of its tall buildings. Overpass was taken out of the Active Duty map pool in favor of Dust 2, and many other smaller changes were applied here and there to improve the game’s general feel.

CS2 has been facing prominent cheating issues in recent months but has been performing well, with 1.6 million players clocking in during peak hours (thanks, SteamCharts). If Valve brings back all of CS:GO‘s missing content, the future may yet be bright for the competitive FPS.

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