Riot buffing LoL’s most noob-friendly champions in Patch 14.9

Riot Games released further details about League of Legends Patch 14.9 on April 24. The developer Is looking to buff some of the easiest champions on the Rift despite their more than reasonable win rates.

Amumu, Malzahar, and Seraphine have been classified as “easy champions” by Riot. The three are receiving minor buffs in Patch 14.9 alongside Kennen, Sejuani, and Karma. Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison, the lead gameplay designer for League, said Riot is buffing the noob-friendly champions so “our training wheels champions feel powerful.”

“Some of our easy champions (Amumu, Malzahar, Seraphine a bit less so) with low mastery have been sitting at 51 percent for a while,” Phroxzon said. He underlined these champions have a mastery curve of around three percent and should be powerful because they’re designed for beginners.

Kennen throwing a dagger in the arctic.
Kennen mains should be pleased with the upcoming buffs. Image via Riot Games

As for Karma, Kenne, and Sujuani, the reasons why the buffs are different. For Karma, it’s to make her “mid vs support skew correct.” With the professional leagues headed on a break with the Mid-Season Invitational right around the corner, the dev has room to experiment with her without breaking the pro meta. The case is the same with Sejuani, while Kennen is simply getting “feelsgood changes.”

The buffs themselves aren’t substantial. Seraphine, Malzahar, and Amumu are receiving minor boosts to their abilities and base stats, while Karma and Sejuani’s changes are slightly more complex. Karma is getting buffs to her Q and R+E, Sejuani is getting a stronger passive and W, and Kennen is receiving quality-of-life improvements to his ultimate and E animations.

These buffs aren’t the only dish on Patch 14.9’s menu, with nerfs and champion adjustments taking the spotlight. The patch is scheuedled to release on May 1.

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