Riot leaps into action to quash brutal TFT Set 11 bug with quick 14.9 B-patch

Riot Games dropped Teamfight Tactics 14.9 B-patch details during the evening of May 1, highlighting a bug fix to the Ghostly trait.

Less than 24 hours after the launch of TFT Set 11 Patch 14.9, a B-patch is getting shipped on May 2 during the late evening hours. Patch 14.9 wasn’t a standard update, containing 20 new and powerful Artifacts and five Support items. Encounters were adjusted and traits like Heavenly were slightly revoked. It’s too early to identify troublemakers within the 14.9 metagame at the time of writing. Instead, a nasty Ghostly bug that has accidentally depreciated the trait’s power is of top priority in the TFT Set 11 19.9 B-patch.

Kayn skin for TFT Set 11
Kayn regains Ghostly support. Image via Riot Games

“The team is working on a B-patch to fix a bug making Ghostly weaker than intended. Expect that to go live late (PT) tomorrow, alongside any other fixes the team can pack in during the tight B-patch window,” said Riot Games.

No balance changes were mentioned in the announcement of the 14.9 B-patch but the devs could include adjustments, if deemed worthy. Some players have shown concern over new Artifacts, like the Silvermere Dawn and Horizon Focus combo based on early play in China. But the combo is difficult to pull off and hasn’t flooded the 14.9 Inkborn Fables meta.

Umbral is returning to the meta through reroll Alune and reroll Riven has potential. But neither build seems worth nerfing, at time of writing. All changes within the TFT 14.9 B-patch will drop into live servers late on May 2. We will update this article if any  Inkborn Fables balance changes are announced to accompany the bug fixes.

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