Sea of Thieves 2024 preview teases new content for the next three seasons

Sea of Thieves developer Rare has laid out its plans for 2024, detailing not just new content and features for season 12, but seasons 13 and 14 as well.

Sea of Thieves season 12 is scheduled to start on April 30, the same day as the game launches on PlayStation 5, so it was naturally the main focus of Rare’s recent 2024 preview event. In a livestream held on March 20, Rare explained how its goal for season 12 is to shake up the meta, which is why, for the first time in Sea of Thieves‘ life-cycle, it’s adding two new weapons.

These include the double-barrel pistol, which can either fire two rapid shots or one extra-powerful charged shot, and throwing knives you can use as a melee weapon or a projectile. They even stick to walls so you can pick them up again, but other players can grab them for themselves.

The new tools include the Scattershot (four small cannonballs you can fire at enemy ships to hit multiple targets), the Bone Caller (a throwable that summons skeletons to fight alongside you), and the Wind Caller (that shoots gusts of wind).

All these new additions make season 12 sound like a lot of fun, so much that Rare could’ve stopped here and fans would’ve been satisfied. Instead, Rare went into detail about season 13 as well, confirming the return of a major villain, Captain Flameheart, and his ship, the Burning Blade. They’ll be an ever-present threat, and you can even team up with him should you best him in naval combat.

Rare also teased what to expect from season 14, though there wasn’t much gameplay footage as it’s still a work in progress. Season 14 is internally called “pirates of mischief” will have an emphasis on stealth. Rare’s plans could change, but the developer teased new stealth mechanics like crouching and hiding inside chests, à la Metal Gear Solid‘s cardboard boxes, and spring traps that fling enemies into the air when they step on them.

All in all, Sea of Thieves has an exciting future ahead, and season 12 sounds like it’ll make a great starting point for all those new PS5 players. Pre-orders suggest a lot of PS5 owners are eager to join the fun, though if you’re a newcomer, you should read our Sea of Thieves beginner’s guide so you know what to expect.

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