Silent Hill 2 remake devs are ‘very confident’ but fans are still skeptical

Bloober Team’s current annual report describes how the studio is really confident in what they are doing with the remake of Silent Hill 2. However, following the gameplay reveal, fans seemed less enthusiastic.

After Konami finally revealed the first official gameplay, fans quickly responded, talking on social media about how the models and the title in general didn’t look up to snuff, with the animations on the main character seeming a little stiff. Other users said that the game looks action-focused with little survival horror—a major point of contention for such an iconic survival horror game.

While the studio has confidence in the Silent Hill 2 remake, fans aren’t so sure about it

Silent Hill 2 remake fans are not so confidence as the studio. Picture via Bloober Team
Silent Hill 2 remake fans are not so confidence as the studio. Picture via Bloober Team

Thanks to a translation done by @pl_evil from Bloober Team’s annual financial report, there are more details about how the studio feels about the remake of Silent Hill 2. Bloober Team seems very confident about the game’s outcome, and it says they are not hiding anything internally or externally, with half of the studio reportedly working on the remake.

However, Bloober Team admits that the Silent Hill 2 remake will be more focused on the action; they will use this feature to tell the story, which will create controversy among fans. 

The doubts about the quality of this game began in January, when the first gameplay was revealed during the State of Play of that month, and reactions were largely negative. The studio even responded to this backlash, asking fans to be patient and wait for the actual end result.

Fans are doubting the Bloober Team will be up to the task

Following the release of the first gameplay trailer, fans on social media expressed their strong opinions about the game’s visuals. On Reddit, the posts noted how the movements looked stiff and the pistol sounded weird; some users even asked for the game to be delayed.

The same happened on X, where different users talked about how the combat looked strange and clunky. Some fans are optimistic that the game’s release will fully resolve these issues, but other seem to believe that to just be wishful thinking.

According to the latest gameplay release, the Silent Hill 2 remake will release sometime this year on PS5 and PC.

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