Star Wars Fortnite BR teaser confirms Chewbacca and his signature Bowcaster

Grab your blasters and prepare yourself for a force of excitement because Chewbacca has finally been revealed for Fortnite.

The confirmation comes from today’s teaser image, confirming the long-standing leaks that Chewbacca will be an in-game character skin in the upcoming Star Wars Fortnite event beginning May 3. This event will see new Star Wars content across Fortnite’s Battle Royale, LEGO, Festival, and other modes.

Chewbacca doesn’t appear to be coming alone either, with his signature Bowcaster weapon all but confirmed in the teaser image, alongside what appears to be a Star Wars-themed area on the battle royale map. Whatever else Epic Games is hiding for this big event remains to be seen, and fans will need to wait a few more agonizing days before finally learning what’s in store.

This isn’t the first teaser, either. LEGO Fortnite dropped an image over the weekend showing a Lightsaber and Star Wars-themed builds that will hopefully make their way to the LEGO game from May 3. I only hope these sets are free-to-pay and won’t be paid DLC.

With these two images released and more on the way, I’m personally curious what Epic Games plans to do with Fortnite Festival. Are we just going to get Star Wars instruments? Maybe some songs? Or maybe, and hear me out, we can get the full soundtrack from the criminally underrated Kinect Star Wars Galactic Dance Off mode.

May 3 can’t come soon enough.

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