Star Wars Hunters gives fans the Overwatch-style game they deserve

Star Wars Hunters is finally out and it already looks to be a good time for critics and audiences. Released on June 4 for the Nintendo Switch and mobile, early impressions for this arena-based shooter point to another win for the long-running franchise.

Professional critics have managed to get some of their opinions on the game already. Jim Norman of Nintendo Life wrote an 8/10 review praising the game for its originality, gameplay, and performance. “Star Wars: Hunters might not bring anything particularly new to the ever-increasing field of class-based shooters, but there’s a lot of fun to be had here,” Norman wrote. Throne Dowd of Inverse also shared their thoughts on the game by comparing it the most recent Star Wars series The Acolyte (also released on June 4). “With new pieces of fiction like Star Wars: Acolyte and Star Wars: Hunters, it finally feels like we’re returning to creators taking an interest in telling unique stories in this storied universe,” they said.

The reactions from audiences are also generally positive. Those who’ve played the game shared their positive opinions on X/Twitter about the gameplay and characters, while directing some minor criticisms towards its performance issues and Switch exclusivity.

Some users even went as far as to deliberately call the game “Star Wars Overwatch,” making comparisons to not only that game but also upcoming hero shooter Marvel Rivals. These comparisons are not surprising given the already crowded marketplace for games of this genre thanks to not only the aforementioned games, but also Fortnite, Apex Legends, VALORANT, and the upcoming Concord.

Still, the buzz in its early stages does indicate Star Wars Hunters could have a bright future ahead of it and might even find some permanent staying power among both gamers and Star Wars fans alike.

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