Starfield Shattered Space DLC – Overview of what we know so far

Your adventure throughout the cosmos in Starfield has arrived in 2023, but the base game is not the end of the journey for Bethesda’s new IP just yet.

Starfield players will be given even more to explore in the future, with the game’s first expansion, Shattered Space, confirmed to be on its way. DLC expansions for Starfield are not surprising given Bethesda’s dedication to this in the past. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Fallout 4 received numerous DLCs years after their releases, and the case was similar for Fallout 76 which launched in 2018.

While Starfield has been well explored, fans are eager to know more about its first DLC, Shattered Space. While initially there hardly was anything to rely on, after recent news, we may finally take our first look at it.

Is there a trailer for Starfield Shattered Space DLC?

While the wait for Starfield Shattered Space has been quite long at that time, with the DLC being announced by the end of 2023, we finally have something to dive into while we anticipate the expansion. During June’s Xbox Games Showcase, Bethesda presented the first, three-minute long trailer for the DLC, that sheds some light on its details.

The trailer begins with a character saying that a distress called of an unknown origin was received. It’s quite eerie from the start, since it’s also said that there is no star station in that specific orbit, so, like the character says “something is not right.”

Down the line, we see glimpses of a cult-like behavior, with corpses scattered across a spaceship, and some characters even worshiping daggers and tentacle monsters. While this is happening, another person keeps chatting in the background, claiming the citadel must be restored, Anasko must be saved, Dazra has fallen, and how all this “is a serpent’s will.” That’s quite a lot to take in at once, isn’t it?

Afterward, we’re told how our character has trespassed in the home of House Va’ruun, which makes sense, since it was mentioned in the base game how Dazra is the hometown of it. Throughout our adventures in Starfield so far, we could have learned that House Va’ruun is a theocracy in the Settled Systems that worships something called the Great Serpent. While it’s all still a bit vague, with that in mind, the trailer begins to make some sense.

With the vast open-world of Starfield, or rather open-universe, we’d be surprised if the DLC wouldn’t try to expand on it. And it surely will, based on the trailer.

What will be added in Starfield Shattered Space DLC?

Planet Dazra in Starfield Shattered Space.
Dazra looks… quite dead. Screenshot via Bethesda Softworks YouTube

While the trailer itself gives us glimpses of the story about the House Va’ruun, the Great Serpent, and Dazra, it’s description details the gameplay elements that will be coming with its launch. And, frankly speaking, there is a lot to wait for.

“A mysterious power stirs in the city of Dazra on House Va’ruun’s hidden homeworld. Investigate a frightening cosmic threat, explore a new planet, and find unique weapons, spacesuits, and gear in this all-new adventure,” it reads.

How to buy the Starfield Shattered Space DLC

At the moment of writing, it remains unknown how specifically the Shattered Space DLC for Starfield can be purchased. We know it’s going to be immediately added to those who own the Premium Edition of the game. However, if you only own the base game, you’d have to upgrade it to the Premium Edition, which would cost you around $40.

However, a few players have already started complaining how odd it would be to have Bethesda include it only in the Premium Edition. Personally, we agree, and believe it will be purchasable separately, though, at the moment, nothing is certain. We’ll keep you posted once new information becomes available.

When does the Starfield Shattered Space DLC release?

A character worshiping a dagger in Starfield Shattered Space.
I hope this person is praying for no delays. Screenshot via Bethesda Softworks YouTube

While we do know a fair amount about the story and new gameplay elements, the release date for Starfield Shattered Space remains a mystery. Initially, it was teased to come out in 2024, though, that wasn’t precise enough for many fans. Luckily for us, on April 29, Todd Howard came to rescue with a bit more solid information.

In an interview with Kinda Funny Games, Todd outlined the DLC would come out in Fall 2024. So, if anything, it is closer than it was by the end of 2023. And, in the end, it makes a lot of sense for the DLC to take so long to release. The base game was launched in September 2023, so having a full one year to develop an expansion seems reasonable. More importantly, it makes us hopeful it’s going to be of good quality.

Additionally, once Shattered Space comes out, there’s a high chance another DLC will make its way onto our PCs and consoles in the future. So, be ready gamers, since a lot of playing is laying ahead.

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