Sykkuno says he’s ‘sticking around’ on Twitch, explains why he won’t return to YouTube

Sykkuno, an American content creator who spent two years streaming on YouTube, has moved back to Twitch. During his May 19 stream, he explained why he won’t go back to YouTube.

When asked about his transition to Twitch, Sykkuno revealed he’ll be “sticking around” on the platform, as first reported by Sportskeeda. The streamer confirmed he didn’t feel much of a change in terms of viewership, but the Twitch community, as well as emotes and raids from friends, are a good enough of reason to stay loyal to the streaming platform. 

“People actually know I’m alive. Other YouTubers kind of knew we existed but we never raided each other. Never interacted with each other. But on Twitch, it’s definitely… you know, it’s a little better for streamers. Kind of makes sense because this is a streaming-only website,” Sykkuno explained. 

According to him, streaming on Twitch is drastically better because it’s the streaming platform. Besides that, it’s packed with other streamers, and being part of it leaves an impression of community. Even though there are plenty of streamers on YouTube, big names like Ludwig, Valkyrae, and Fuslie are on Twitch. 

Sykkuno abruptly returned to Twitch after announcing it on his X (formerly Twitter) on May 5, and has streamed there almost every day since.  For two years, Sykkuno streamed on YouTube, so it’s refreshing to see him on Twitch once again. He’s streaming VALORANT, Grand Theft Auto V,  and Tekken 8

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