Tarisland Worker’s Trouble puzzle – How to help the worker transport boxes

There are plenty of puzzles to keep you engaged in the diverse world of Tarisland, but the Worker’s Trouble puzzle is undoubtedly one of the harder ones on the map.

The Worker’s Trouble puzzle is a part of the Reputation Event in Tarisland where you have to push a few essential boxes around to help Dredge NPC sort out the boxes that arrived on the dock. The dock is full of crates, so you need to push them in a particular order to make them closer to Drudge and complete one of three reputation tasks.

Here is everything you need to know about helping the worker transport boxes in Tarisland.

How to help the worker transport boxes in Tarisland

This is where you can start the reputation quest of helping the worker. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To locate Drudge in Tarisland, navigate to the Ancash Canyon region and locate the settlement. Once there, spot the training camp at the center and proceed to the right, where stairs will lead you to him.

After that, talk to Drudge and accept the quest to start helping him. You should have four arrows next to the NPC, where you need to get the essential boxes in no particular order. Do keep in mind all boxes are not moveable so identify the four moveable boxes by looking at the iron ridges.

Players tries to complete the Worker's Trouble which is a part of the Reputation Event in Tarisland.
It’s easy when you know which pieces to move first. Screenshot by Dot Esports

First, start by pushing the box on your right to make space for you to go down and push the box up in the top corner of the arrows. After that, push the box that you moved in the start to put it below the first crate.

Now that you have some free space, you can use the lanes to push two more boxes into the arrows to complete the challenge. Do keep in mind while pushing the boxes that you need to make sure they’re not stuck in a place where they can’t be pushed into the arrows anymore so strategize your approach and solve the puzzle.

Reputation holds significant value in Tarisland, as it not only opens doors to better mounts but also unlocks end-game rewards. These rewards are instrumental in your journey to combat harder enemies, making the completion of the Worker’s Trouble puzzle a rewarding endeavor.

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