TFT 14.10 B-patch targets Lillia and Syndra, buffs Trickshot trait

Riot Games shipped a Teamfight Tactics 14.10 B-patch for Set 11 on May 16, nerfing Inkborn Fables champions like Lillia, Ornn, and Syndra

A 14.10 B-patch is attempting to balance out the TFT Set 11 meta heading into the second round of Inkborn Fables Tactician Trials and Tacticaian Cup tournament. Scheduled to drop on the live servers at 4pm CT, the hotfix update targets Set 11 champions that have been dominating the meta. The TFT balance team also buffed the Trickshot trait after nerfing Kai’Sa out of the Sand A-tier meta. Here’s every balance change within the Set 11 Inkborn Fables 14.10 B-patch. 

Syndra ready to attack in TFT Set 11
AP comps are still strong but now the AD builds also have a chance. Image via Riot Games
  • Lillia: Small orb damage was nerfed from 120/180/600 to 110/165/600 percent ability power.
  • Ornn: Mana nerfed slightly from 80/120 to 80/130.
  • Syndra: Starting butterfly count reduced from eight to seven.
  • Trickshot: Damage buffed slightly from 40/50 to 40/55 percent.

An indirect buff was applied to Lillia through Patch 14.10, redirecting her three smaller orb casts to target the three closest enemies in a line that will hit the most enemies. This change elevated Lillia to S-tier status, where the Set 11 champion was highly contested in almost every lobby.

“This greatly increased her effective damage, resulting in a buck-wild buff that was more than intended for our deer friend,” Riot said. “We like that Lillia is now more selective with her cast, but we’re pulling back on the consistent damage from her small orbs, especially at two-stars to prevent her from deleting backliners consistently.”

The Syndra nerf is a revert from a buff applied through Patch 14.9, addressing her ramping damage. And the nerf to Ornn is in conjunction with the Syndra nerf in that his casts give Syndra time to ramp up. 

All TFT Set 11 balance changes from the 14.10 B-patch will hit the live servers on May 16 at around 4pm CT

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