The original ‘Mega’ Pokémon is finally getting a 7-star Tera Raid in Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s next seven-star Tera Raid event will feature a “Mega” Starter, but not the kind linked to the Mega Evolution mechanic. That’s right—it’s Meganium.

From April 5 to 7 and April 12 to 14, Meganium will be the star of seven-star Tera Raids in the Paldea region. As a seven-star raid boss, it will have the rare Mightiest Mark to add to your growing collection of Pokémon with the Unrivaled title. Interestingly enough, it will also have the Psychic Tera Type despite only having access to one damaging Psychic attack—Zen Headbutt. Perhaps this is a sign that it will instead focus on setting up with the non-damaging Psychic moves, Reflect and Light Screen. If that’s the case, prepare for a long, tedious battle against a bulky Meganium and hit it for super-effective damage with Dark, Bug, and Ghost-type attacks.

Taking a selfie with Meganium in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
Challenge this adorable flower dino. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The pure Grass-type Pokémon is the second Johto Starter from Gen II to be featured in Tera Raids, but it’s taken quite a long time to get here. The Gen II Fire Starter, Typhlosion, got the Tera Raid treatment way back in April of last year, and its Hisuian form took center stage in November. Now it’s finally Meganium’s time to shine, and this could mean a few different things.

My first thought was that the Gen II Water Starter, Feraligatr, will likely follow in Meganium’s footsteps for the next seven-star Tera Raid event after this. That would only make sense since we’re slowly running out of options for Starters that have yet to be raid bosses. At this point, we have nine Starter Pokémon left, including one of the most feared ‘mons in the game—Incineroar.

But I also thought about the potential of these Tera Raids being a hint at the Legends: Z-A Starters. Maybe we’ll get a new Grass/Psychic-type Meganium form, and the next Tera Raid could tease another potential Z-A Starter and a new form. Who knows. If Incineroar appears in one of the next two Tera Raids, that could mean it’s one of the Z-A Starters, and it might receive a Mega Evolution (a truly terrifying thought). This is, of course, under the assumption that Game Freak will stick to tradition with the Starter lineup and not throw a curveball at us. We’ll see if the next few Tera Raids give us hints of what’s coming in Z-A.

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