These are the best PGL Copenhagen Major CS2 stickers

Better late than never, right? The PGL Copenhagen Major Counter-Strike 2 sticker capsules have finally arrived and are jam-packed full of unique designs and striking colors, meaning you’ll be able to show off your favorite player or team on your best CS skins.

Normally these would have been available before the CS2 Major began, but due to a late team replacement and a few “improper” designs, it took an extra week or so for fans to get their hands on them.

Once you place one of these stickers on your weapon, the only way you’ll be able to take it off is by scraping it away which deletes it for good. Scraping a few might be a good idea though, as interesting and hidden patterns may be revealed when you do. Almost 600 stickers make up the first CS2 Major capsule collection, so we’ve picked out our favorites. Here are all the best PGL Copenhagen Major CS2 signature and sticker designs.

Best PGL Copenhagen Major CS2 stickers

Best PGL Copenhagen Major CS2 player signature stickers

Best PGL Copenhagen Major CS2 team stickers

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