This ‘boring’ mid laner could finally be returning to the bot lane in LoL Patch 14.10

Corki has been one of the most picked champions in the League of Legends pro scene for years. But nobody likes to watch him farm for 30 minutes and group up every 10 minutes for a teamfight. That could all be about to change in Patch 14.10.

On April 30, Riot Games developer David “Phreak” Turley released a video outlining a series of crucial Corki changes coming to Patch 14.10. The champion is getting an overhaul, but the biggest change, by far, is the removal of his most iconic ability, The Package. This works like Rumble’s ultimate, with Corki sweeping into the eye of the fight and leaving a blazing trail behind him. On top of this, Corki is getting a 15 percent bonus true damage, including Sheen. 

His Q ability, Phosphorus Bomb, will land faster, have better attack damage ratios, and a different cooldown and mana cost. Valkyrie will get visual updates and its damage will get buffed. Gatling Gun will have its cooldown and shred cap and rate increased, but its overall damage and AD ratio are getting trimmed down. Finally, Corki’s ultimate, Missile Barrage, will work differently than in its current state. Not only will Corki get more ammo while leveling up, but he will also get refunds on champ auto.

This would be all too broken if Riot left the rest of Corki’s ultimate in this state, so the ammo rate will be nerfed and bonus AD will no longer scale with ranks. Its mana cost will be lower and deal physical damage (but have higher base stats).

A Yordle from League of Legends flying a UFO and dodging rockets.
Corki is finally getting the attention he deserves. Image via Riot Games

But that’s not all—Corki’s stats are also getting revamped, with his base AD nerfed, attack speed buffed, and some durability changes.

Riot’s goal is to push Corki back into bot lane as a non-traditional marksman. This should also make his early game a lot stronger, awarding aggressive players. The main reason Corki is getting changed is he’s “boring” to watch, according to Phreak.

These changes will first come to the PBE, before rolling out onto League’s live servers.

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