This LoL jungler shot straight to the top of the ladder after Patch 14.9 buffs

Patch 14.9 in League of Legends is slowly coming to an end. But it brought some substantial changes to the meta. Among many things, it boosted one jungler’s win rate quite heavily since now it’s reigning supreme in the standings.

At the time of writing, Amumu is the best jungler in all ranks with a stellar 52.74 percent win rate, according to League stats site U.GG. Only Rammus, who’s trailing in the second place, has surpassed the 52 percent threshold.

These stats are most likely a result of Patch 14.9 buffs to Amumu, though they were absolutely minimal. Riot Games developers improved his base attack damage and base armor by four and three points, respectively. However, by the looks of it, these tweaks were enough to turn it into a happy mummy for a while.

Robotic Amumu crying on a shelf.
Don’t cry, you’re the boss! Image via Riot Games

Prior to Patch 14.9, the Sad Mummy was in a decent spot. It has accumulated a 50.48 percent win rate in Patch 14.8, the previous update, according to U.GG.

Although, once you take a look at higher ranks, you’ll realize Amumu isn’t ranking as high as in the general ranking. It’s more than natural, though, since he’s always been considered a newbie-friendly champion, thanks to his single yet powerful kit.

In Emerald+ rankings, a few junglers who have been considered powerful prior to Patch 14.9 maintain their dominance. These are Rek’Sai and Ivern, who have more than 52 percent win rate. Amumu still does fairly well in these ranks since he’s currently sitting on 51.15 percent.

A few junglers are scheduled to receive further changes in Patch 14.10, including Skarner, Viego, and Nocturne. With that in mind, it’s more than likely the jungle metagame is going to shift once again.

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