This NA veteran is one of the best in CS2 this year—and his jaw-dropping stats prove it 

We’re almost halfway through the year and have seen multiple spectacular Counter-Strike 2 performances from many players like donk, ZywOo, or m0NESY. All boast incredible stats in 2024, and one North American veteran is in their prestige company.

If you have been following CS2 tournaments this year, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear it’s no other than Complexity’s EliGE. The 26-year-old has been an outstanding player for the team so far, and his stats prove it. He’s currently the third best-rated rifler of the year, according to Thunderpick

EliGE has boasted a 1.17 rating this year alongside a 1.33 Impact and 1.11 KD ratio. He’s outscored only by Eternal Fire’s XANTARES and the revelation of 2024, Spirit’s donk. The latter has the best rating out of all players, with a stunning 1.52 rating. ZywOo and m0NESY top the AWPers scoreboard with 1.40 and 1.35 ratings, respectively.

EliGE competing at ESL Pro League Season 18.
EliGE is leading Complexity this year. Photo by Adam Lakomy via ESL Gaming

The current Complexity roster has been together for almost a year. At first, fans had little expectations of them. But with the beginning of 2024, they truly elevated their play. They were just one series away from reaching IEM Katowice and PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major’s playoffs. At ESL Pro League Season 19, which finished last weekend, they crushed the likes of and Major champions Natus Vincere to reach the semifinals. 

When it comes to pure stats, EliGE has been Complexity’s best player. However, his prowess doesn’t show merely in that department. His experience, game sense, and cold-blooded approach allow him to outsmart enemies and win the rounds for his squad. 

Despite winning no silverware in almost a year, EliGE and his crew will have plenty of chances to do so in the near future. They will compete in three events over the next month, starting with IEM Dallas 2024 on May 27. If they keep up their rising form, a trophy or two is definitely within their reach. 

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