This Overpass-inspired CS2 Glock is the skin we never knew we needed

There aren’t really any skins in CS2 inspired by playable maps, so the skilled community members decided to take matters into their own hands and created this Glock-18 skin inspired by Overpass.

On March 20, a CS2 player shared on Reddit their model for the Glock-18, inspired by the yellow train you can find on Overpass. The skin replicates the color scheme, window and door layout, and even texture details to perfection, making it more detailed than most Glocks currently available in the game (although Block-18 can bring some competition).

CS2 fans immediately jumped in, suggesting that the skin needs graffiti to resemble Overpass even more. Several players brought up that the graffiti could appear on the skin as the float of the weapon gets worse. The Factory New Glock could look like a shiny new train, and Battle-Scarred could be covered in graffiti. “That would make it a skin where both really good and really bad floats are best,” the player suggesting the idea wrote.

The creator of the skin responded by saying they have two more variants of the skin in the works and that they will note features like side-scrolling graffiti and wear-related graffiti for future exploration. The OP also added that the wear effect idea “needs some thought.” According to them, the current CS2 workshop capabilities create challenges in bringing this feature to life, but they have an idea for it.

One of the mentioned variants is already live on Steam Workshop and is a grey train covered in colorful graffiti, just like Overpass. As for the second, we’ll just have to wait and see, but this Glock-18 is arguably one of the best and most fun recent skins made by the CS2 community.

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