Twitch revamps Hype Trains with exclusive rewards, but you’ll never get them

Twitch has today added even more incentive to get a Hype Train going in your favorite streamer’s chatrooms, though you will likely never see most of them pop up.

On March 26, Twitch announced that the Hype Train feature is reaching “new heights” with the addition of several exclusive high-tier global Emote rewards for anyone who participates in one while it reaches different level milestones. And how can you reach these different Hype Train levels? Why, by supporting all your favorite streaming stars through monetary features that also benefit Twitch and platform owner Amazon, of course.

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Twitch continues to update features, though not always in great ways. Image via Twitch

If you have never taken part in a Hype Train before, it is a visual mechanic that pops up in a streamer’s Twitch chat once a “spike” of support events takes place. This can be a flood of Bits, subscriptions, or Hyper Chats. All these methods involve going through Twitch to support your streamer, meaning the company gets a sizable cut, which is also why features like this are always being worked on; so they become more appealing to use.

But why are some of these Hype Train reward emotes going to be left to rot? Simply because at least a few of them will take upwards of $40,000 to unlock.

According to streaming reporter Zach Bussey, Hype Train levels have mostly been figured out so users can tell exactly how much actual money would need to be spent as a community before milestones are reached. So, since Twitch has noted the high-tier global Emote rewards have been added to Hype Train levels 10, 25, 50, and 100, we can deduce what the value of each is—whether they have been hit or not in the past. 

Using the United States as the country of origin for this particular Hyper Train breakdown, Bussey noted it would take $400 to reach level 10 and get BleedPurpleHD, $5,000 for level 25 and HeyHeyGuys, and $40,000 for level 50 and the PogChomp emote.

All of those have seemingly been hit before by active streamers on Twitch while level 100 is still an unknown factor. Using the data for each previous level, however, Bussey thinks hitting level 100 on a Hype Train would cost around $500,000. Once that extremely lofty reward milestone was hit, it would reveal a new emote: KappaInfinite.

Since Hype Trains reset levels if someone doesn’t trigger support events by giving money to the streamer before the timer hits zero, it is unlikely we will see any community come together to unlock KappaInfinite at level 100. If it does happen, it would have to be an organized effort by a creator with a massive community during something like a subathon.

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